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Pedro Pinho receives a Merit Diploma from IPLisboa

on 18-06-2019

... The Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa (IPLisboa) attributed a Merit Diploma in the Field of Technologies and Engineering to Pedro Pinho, a Professor of Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) and a researcher from the Radio Systems group of IT in Aveiro. The diploma distinguished Pedro Pinho for his activity in the field over the last three years.

“This distinction is a recognition of the work done over the last few years, within the radio systems group of IT, in solving different engineering problems with relevance in society, where some products make the transition from prototypes and became commercial”, said Pedro Pinho.

Every year the IPLisboa, sponsored by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, attributes Scientific Awards and Awards for Recognition of Activities with Relevance in the Community, as a way to encourage, value and recognize the scientific work of professors and to promote an interaction with the community for the affirmation and development through the identification of new challenges and the discovery of solutions, transferring knowledge and disseminating science, technology and the arts.

Photo: Pedro Pinho received the diploma during the award ceremony that took place in the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Lisboa, May 31.

Paulo André distinguished in the Scientific Awards Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Universidades 2018

on 13-06-2019

... Paulo André, researcher from the Optical Networking group of IT in Lisbon, was distinguished with an honourable mention in the category Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering (Avionics) of the Scientific Awards Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Universidades 2018.

“The distinction embodied in me is, in fact, attributed to everyone I have collaborated scientifically with in recent years, especially in the field of photonics”, said Paulo André.

The Scientific Awards Universidade de Lisboa/Santander Universidades aim to reward scientific research and encourage its dissemination through publishing articles and essays in international journals of recognized quality. The work published by each of the candidates over the last five years is one of the evaluation criteria considered for the attribution of these awards.

The awards ceremony was held in the Sala dos Reitores of the University of Lisbon, May 7, where, between awards and honourable mentions, a total of 16 researchers from six different scientific areas were distinguished.

On the photo (from left to right): António da Cruz Serra (Dean of University of Lisbon), Paulo André and Marcos Soares Ribeiro (Director-Coordinator of Santander Universidades)