Creating and sharing knowledge for telecommunications

IT gathers specialists to forecast what will follow after the 5G

on 23-10-2017

... Between 23-24 October, at ISCTE-IUL, IT is promoting the Visions for Future Communications Summit, an event that aims to answer the question “5G is here. What comes next?”. The goal is to bring together the visions of thought leaders from research, industry and governments about the potential strategies to face the future of communication networks in the new world, triggered by the current development of 5th generation networks communications. New systems, transmission, control, security and services, will be some of the topics under analysis in an attempt to project what is beyond 2025.

This summit will have several panels, where an unprecedented core of specialists - industry, academic and regulatory agents – will be presenting and debating ideas, concepts and challenges associated with this visionary concept. Henning Schulzrinne, ex-CTO of the Federal Communications Commision (regulatory organ for telecommunications in the USA), Ian F. Akyildiz – founder of the fields of nanocomputation and nanocommunications – and Edward Knightly, whose works in the field of wireless were used by the White House, are just a few examples of the internationally recognized high profile personalities attending this event.

The Vissions for Future Communications Summit is co-organized by IT, ISCTE-IUL and the University of Aveiro, with the support of international institutions like the IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, the 5G Public Private Partnership (a society with the biggest players in the telecommunications´ world) or the Networld2020 (a society of European institutions interested in the telecommunications).

Finally, the results of these debates will be developed and compiled into a document that, in addition to being available for the public, will help the European Commission and the NSF to outline future communication strategies.

IBM Scientific Prize handed over to Caroline Conti by Minister

on 29-09-2017

... On 29th September 2017 Dr. Caroline Conti received from the hands of the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education (Prof. Manuel Heitor) the prestigious IBM Scientific Prize, amounting to €15k cash. The ceremony, held at ISCTE-IUL, had also the participation of the President of IBM Portugal (António Raposo de Lima), the head of IT (Prof. Carlos Salema), and the Rector of ISCTE-IUL (Prof. Luís Reto). Additionally, Dr. Costas Bekas from IBM Research-Zurich, gave a talk to the audience.
This was the 27th edition of the IBM Scientific Prize, which is arguably the most prestigious prize in Computer Science and related fields of Engineering in Portugal, with a list of notable winners since 1990 ( For the first time the award was given to a PhD research work conducted at ISCTE-IUL.
Dr. Caroline Conti’s is entitled “Efficient Solutions for Light Field Coding” and was supervised by Prof. Luís Ducla Soares and Prof. Paulo Nunes, both from the Multimedia Signal Processing Group in Lisbon.
From the Abstract of her work, one can learn that her “work addresses specific challenges and requirements that still need to be overcome for introducing light field applications and services in the consumer market by developing and evaluating various solutions for efficient LF content coding”. With image and video technologies evolving to provide end-users a more immersive and visual experience, light field imaging technology has currently risen up as a practical and prospective approach for future visual applications and services.
Dr. Caroline Conti is now an Invited Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science and Technology of ISCTE-IUL, and a postdoctoral researcher at IT.