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Caroline Conti wins the IBM Science Award

on 29-06-2017

... For all the good reasons, June 2017 will certainly be a month that Caroline Conti won´t soon forget. Having recently concluded her PhD at ISCTE-IUL hosted by IT, supervised by Luis Ducla Soares and Paulo Nunes (also both from IT at ISCTE-IUL), Caroline Conti is the winner of this years´ edition of the IBM Science Award.

Since its first edition in 1990, this award is attributed every year by IBM Portugal to a young Portuguese researcher to distinguish works of high merit in the field of Computer Science. According to Caroline, now a Post Doctoral researcher at IT, “It is a great honor to receive this award and to have our work recognized in this select group of internationally prestigious researchers who have been awarded in these last 27 years”.

The work that got Caroline to win the €15k cash award is entitled “Efficient Solutions for Light Field Coding”. As explained in the synopsis, “this work addresses specific challenges and requirements that still need to be overcome for introducing light field applications and services in the consumer market by developing and evaluating various solutions for efficient LF content coding”. With image and video technologies evolving to provide end-users a more immersive and visual experience, light field imaging technology has currently risen up as a practical and prospective approach for future visual applications and services.

The award ceremony is expected to take place this coming September.

Paper by IT researchers among the top-10 most downloaded of the IEEE Signal Processing Letters

on 19-06-2017

... The paper "Fast Matrix Inversion Updates for Massive MIMO Detection and Precoding" was listed in the "Top Downloads in IEEE Xplore [Reader's Choice]". Compiled in the May 2017 issue of the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, the list presents the top-10 most downloaded papers from the IEEE Signal Processing Letters, for the last 2 years.

The paper was a result of IT´s internal project LDimM-NetCod, and was co-authored by Francisco Rosário (a former MsC student and IT scholar within the project), and his co-supervisors Francisco Monteiro and António Rodrigues, both from the Radio Systems group of IT in Lisbon.

The IEEE Signal Processing Magazine produced the following summary of the paper: “In this letter, the authors propose an on-the-fly method to recompute the zero forcing filter when a user is added or removed from massive multiple-input, multiple-output system. They evaluate the recalculation of the inverse matrix after a new channel estimation is obtained for a given user. With fewer operations, the performance after an update also remains close to the initial one.”

In the photo: Francisco Rosário, a former IT student and a scholar of the LDimM-NetCod project, is currently working at Apple Inc. in Tokyo, Japan.