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Instituto de Telecomunicações (it) has become a focus member of the OSS through Java™ Initiative (OSS/J).

on 03-03-2004

Instituto de Telecomunicações will be involved in the development of the user guide and reference implementation of the Service Quality Management (SQM) API, contributing experience in working with best practices for the end-to-end QoS management on IP-centric Networks. Instituto de Telecomunicações will also provide input on OSS/J’s web services activities. Instituto de Telecomunicações believes that integration is one of the most important issues in
OSS development, and that web services are likely to be one of the best solutions in this field.

As a member of JCP, Instituto de Telecomunicações fully supports the use of the Java as the platform of excellence for the development of new OSS/BSS (Operations and Business Support System) solutions. Instituto de Telecomunicações has already contributed to OSS/J by providing prototypes for the QoS and IP Billing APIs and by actively participating in OSS/J’s SQM Expert Group.

OSS/J is a working group of industry leaders who have joined resources to define and implement
an open, standard set of Java technology-based APIs that help jumpstart the implementation of
services for next-generation networks by easing the integration of OSS/BSS applications.
“We are delighted that Instituto de Telecomunicações has formally joined OSS/J,” said Philippe Lalande, Sun Microsystems, OSS/J’s program manager. Instituto de Telecomunicações has been an active supporter of the Initiative for some time. The fact that it is now increasing its commitment and making that commitment public attests to the maturity of the OSS through Java Initiative and also helps explain why so many service providers are now asking for compliance with OSS/J standards.” Building on the success of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™), XML and Web Services technologies in enterprise applications and e-commerce, the OSS through Java Initiative is
chartered to develop functional APIs that accelerate the development of innovative OSS/BSS solutions where all applications function together.

The Initiative’s APIs are standardized under the latest Java Community Processsm (JCP) program.
The deliverables for each API consist of a specification, a reference implementation, and a
technology compatibility kit – all of which, including source code, are made available to the
industry free of charge. OSS/J is rapidly being adopted by the major players in the
telecommunications industry. For further information about OSS/J and its membership, see

ITEM - Electromagnetic Field Monitoring Near Mobile Station Antennas

on 04-06-2003

... Following concerns of the general public about health risks resulting from exposure to electromagnetic radiation from mobile station antennas, Instituto de Telecomunicações has started in January 2003 a project named - ITEM - sponsored by Vodafone-Telecel, to systematically monitor field levels is public areas all over the country, and make the results freely available to the public through a dedicated website (in portuguese). The site also explains basic concepts related to electromagnetic wave radiation using simple language, and includes links to other relevant sites.

Project management, and all the information provided in the website is totally independent from the sponsoring entity, in line with the rigorous research standards of Instituto de Telecomunicações, State Associate Laboratory.

On June 3rd a cooperation agreement involving Instituto de Telecomunicações, Vodafone-Telecel and Câmara Municipal de Sintra was signed, to install 5 remote electromagnetic field monitoring stations in different public places in Sintra, which continuously feed ITEM website with measured data.

This initiative will be repeated over the Country, for the three year duration of the project.