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Life at IT Coimbra!


Other topics in this issue:

  • Editorial by Carlos Salema
  • Life at IT Coimbra
  • A tribute to José Manuel Bioucas-Dias
  • IT in the 5th New Space Atlantic Summit
  • Paper co-authored by Hugo Plácido da Silva wins Best Paper Award at DIS 2022
  • Project Celeste distinguished in the contest "Promove o Futuro do Interior"
  • Paper "Novel Graphene Electrode for Electromyography Using Wearables Based on Smart Textiles" wins Best Paper Award at DoCEIS 2022
  • PROJECT SNAPSHOT | EMLAYERING: ElectroMagnetic LAYER-wise testING for powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing
  • WHAT'S NEXT for Organic Electronics? by Henrique Gomes
  • PhDshostedbyIT | Pitch by Orangel Azuaje Contreras
  • WhereAreYouNow | Catching up with our former member Alireza Javaheri
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Issue 102