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2022 issues

  • Life at IT Coimbra!


    Editorial by Carlos Salema
    Life at IT Coimbra
    A tribute to José Manuel Bioucas-Dias
    IT in the 5th New Space Atlantic Summit
    Paper co-authored by Hugo Plácido da Silva wins Best Paper Award at DIS 2022
    Project Celeste distinguished in the contest "Promove o Futuro do Interior"
    Paper "Novel Graphene Electrode for Electromyography Using Wearables Based on Smart Textiles" wins Best Paper Award at DoCEIS 2022
    PROJECT SNAPSHOT | EMLAYERING: ElectroMagnetic LAYER-wise testING for powder bed fusion metal additive manufacturing
    WHAT'S NEXT for Organic Electronics? by Henrique Gomes
    PhDshostedbyIT | Pitch by Orangel Azuaje Contreras
    WhereAreYouNow | Catching up with our former member Alireza Javaheri

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  • Life at IT: The visit of Board to IT Lisboa


    Editorial by Carlos Salema (Board)
    Life at IT: The visit of Board to IT Lisboa
    InTele - An initiative for strengthening the training of qualified Human Resources in Telecommunications
    Miguel Barreto won the 2022 Best Thesis Award in Information Technology
    Catarina Belchior awarded 1st place in the Student Paper Competition at 2022 INMMiC
    Miguel Rêgo was one of the 50 awarded a Huawei grant
    PROJECT SNAPSHOT | MARES: Satellite-based microwave remote sensing for marine litter mapping
    Some of our latest awarded book editions...
    Don't miss our latest upcoming events...
    PhDshostedbyIT | Pitch by Catarina Belchior
    WAYN | Catching up with Filipa Sequeira

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  • Celebrating the 30 years of IT: featured some of our landmarks since 1992


    Editorial by José Carlos Pedro (President)
    Celebrating the 30 years of IT: featured some of our landmarks since 1992
    1992/1998 . Cellular mobile broadband communications by Carlos Fernandes
    1998/2003 . Vehicular mesh network by Susana Sargento
    2008/2014 . Square kilometer array (SKA) by Domingos Barbosa
    2013/2015 . Steering Board of the European Technology Platform by Rui Aguiar
    2013/2015 . BITalino biomedical development toolkit by Hugo Silva
    2017 . Project BEACON brings high-speed internet to flight passengers by Rogério Nogueira
    PROJECT SNAPSHOT | Featuring the latest scientific videos
    SPIN-OFF STORIES | Didimo - The New Interface for Digital Engagement by Veronica Orvalho
    WHAT'S NEXT?  | After 30 years of It, what's next? By José Carlos Pedro
    Upcoming Events
    PhDshostedbyIT | Pitch by Ehsan Yaghoubi
    WAYN | Catching up with our alumna Jun Li

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  • IT Women and Girls scientists on steam!


    Editorial by Susana Sargento
    IT Women and Girls scientists on steam!
    Contactless Microwave Imaging System for Breast Cancer Screening
    Susana Sargento is nominated for the ACTIVA Inspiring Women Award, in the business category
    Inspiring IT women researcher’s leaders’ projects presented on the visit of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality
    ISTsat-1 selected for the first flight of ESA's ARIANE 6
    NATO Agency signs new NFPs agreement with IT
    PROJECT SNAPSHOT | SmartGlauco Smart Drug Delivery Devices for Glaucoma Treatment
    WHAT'S NEXT? | Invisibles: Smart sensing technologies towards better health and wellbeing| Catching up with Ana Fred...
    Upcoming Event | International Conference on Quantum Communication, Measurement and Computing (QCMC)
    Upcoming Event | 8th EAI International Conference on Smart Objects and Technologies for Social Good
    PhDshostedbyIT | Sandy Rodrigues
    WAYN | Catching up with...Debarati Mukherjee

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  • Machine Learning Everywhere - The vision of Mário Figueiredo


    Novel IT invention for improving the performance of wireless communications systems
    DISCRETION project will reinforce the autonomy of the European Defense in secure communications
    Portugal and Brazil just signed a partnership agreement for speeding up knowledge in the field of ICT
    BacalhauNET team wins 5G Grand Challenge, an international competition on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Instituto de Telecomunicações, University de Aveiro and Huawei create national 5G and AI laboratory
    Project Snapshot | DSPMetroNet – Digital Signal Processing functions for Simplified Coherent Transceivers in Optical Metropolitan Networks
    What's next? | Machine Learning Everywhere - The vision of Mário Figueiredo
    Upcoming events | 45th WOCSDICE & 16th EXMATEC 2022; QCMC 2022; CSNDSP 2022; EAI GOODTECHS 2022
    PhDshostedbyIT | Catching up with Cristiano Ferreira Gonçalves
    WAYN | Catching up with Pedro Tomé

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