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Important note: This is a summarized English version of the full original announcement written in Portuguese, provided for the convenience of non-Portuguese speakers. Only the full Portuguese version has official value for the evaluation and selection process.
BOL/2023/00035 - Open Notice for PhD Research Scholarship
Funding Reference Number:
BOL/2023/00035 - UIDB/50008/2020
The Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) opens a call for 2 (two) research grants, hereinafter referred to as a PhD Research Grant, in the areas of Electrical Engineering/Computer Engineering/Mathematics/Physics, in compliance with the FCT Research Grants Regulation and Fellowships (RBI) and the Research Fellowship Holder Statute (EBI).
The scholarships will be financed by the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) under the Collaboration Protocol for the Financing the Multiannual Plan for Research Grants for Doctoral Students, signed between FCT and the Research & Development (R&D) Unit Instituto de Telecomunicações UIDB/50008/2020.
Scientific Area:
Admission Requirements:
The following citizens may apply to this call:
• National citizens or citizens from other member-states of the European Union;
• Third-party states citizens;
• Stateless individuals;
• Citizens holding a political refugee status.
• To apply for the PhD scholarship, the candidate must:
• Be a bachelor or master in the scientific area required for this research grant or in related areas.
• Permanently and normally reside in Portugal at the start date of the work plan period abroad, if the work plan proposed for the scholarship includes a period in foreign institutions (mixed scholarships), this requirement applies to both nationals and foreign citizens;
• Not having benefited from a prior PhD grant or a PhD in industry grant directly funded by FCT, regardless of its duration;
• Not hold a PhD degree.
Work Objectives:
The work plan must fall strictly within the scientific areas defined in Section 3. It must be in line with the mission of Instituto de Telecomunicações, contribute to the development of its R&D strategic plan, and must be supported and supervised by one of IT-Aveiro’s doctoral members ( ). The work plan document must contain, necessarily, all the elements indicated in Section 4.2 of this notice. The evaluation criteria to be applied is provided in Section 6.

Please refer to the original announcement.
Applicable legislation:
The present call is governed by this Notice, the FCT Regulation of Research Fellowships, approved by the Regulation no. 950/2019, published in the series II of the DR, of 16th December, by the Research Fellowship Holder Statute, approved by the Law no. 40/2004, of 18th of August, in its current version, and by other applicable national and European legislation.
Place of work:
These research activities will take place at the Instituto de Telecomunicações of Aveiro, which will be the host institution for the scholarship holders, without prejudice to the work that may be carried out in collaboration with more than one institution.
The duration of the scholarships is, as a rule, annual, renewable up to a maximum of four years (48 months), and scholarships cannot be awarded for a period of less than 3 consecutive months.
In the case of a mixed scholarship, the period of the work plan that takes place in a foreign institution cannot exceed 24 months.
Monthly salary:
Scholarship holders receive a monthly maintenance allowance in accordance with the table in Annex I of the RBI.
The scholarship may include additional allowances, according to RBI’s Article no. 18 and the values indicated in its Annex II.
All scholarship holders have a personal accident insurance related to their research activities, which FCT will support.
All scholarship holders who do not benefit from any social protection regime have the right to social security through the voluntary social insurance regime, under the terms of the Contributory Scheme of the Social Security System. FCT will ensure the charges resulting from contributions under the terms and with the limits provided in Article no. 10 of the EBI.
Selection criteria:
  • C1 (40%)
    • Criterion A - Merit of the candidate, with a weight of 40%;
    o Sub-criterion A1 - Academic path in the area of the work plan, with a relative weight of 50%;
    * Sub-criterion A1.1 - Final classification of Bachelor degree (0-20 scale), 40%
    * Sub-criterion A1.2 - Final classification of Master degree (0-20 scale), 60%
    o Sub-criterion A2 - Personal curriculum in the area of the work plan, with a relative weight of 40%;
    o Sub-criterion A3 – Motivation letter, with a relative weight of 10%.
  • C2 (40%)
    • Criterion B – Merit of the work plan, with a weight of 40%;
    o Sub-criterion B1 – Scientific quality, with a relative weight of 80%;
    o Sub-criterion B2 – Relevance of the work plan for the strategic plan of IT (Instituto de Telecomunicações), with a relative weight of 20%;
  • C3 (20%)
    • Criterion C - Scientific merit of the supervising team, with a weight de 20%;

Candidates may be interviewed for clarification of any aspect related to the above criteria
Each criteria, and the final classification F will be evaluated in a scale (0-20). The candidates will be ordered according to:
F = C1 x 40% + C2 x 40% + C3 x 20%
In case of a tie, the tied candidates will be ordered according to C1, then C2...
The Jury has the right to not admit any of the candidates that applied for this position whenever they consider that no candidate meets the minimum requirements for the position.
  • Prof. Francisco Manuel Marques Fontes, Altice Labs (President of the jury)
  • Prof. Armando José Formoso de Pinho, IEETA - Instituto de Engenharia Electrónica e Telemática de Aveiro
  • Prof. José Carlos da Silva Neves, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes Aveiro
  • Prof. José Rodrigues Ferreira da Rocha, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes Aveiro
  • Prof. Beatriz Sousa Santos, IEETA - Instituto de Engenharia Electrónica e Telemática de Aveiro
  • Prof. Jose Manuel Neto Vieira, Universidade de Aveiro (Substitute)
Communication of the results:
The results of the evaluation are communicated via e-mail to the e-mail address used by the applicant to create the application account in the Instituto de Telecomunicações web system.
Required Documents:
It is mandatory, under penalty of non-admissibility, to attach the following documents to the application:
• Information of the identity card / citizen card / passport;
• Updated version of the Curriculum Vitae (CV);
• Certificates of the academic degrees held, specifying the final classification and, if possible, the classifications obtained in all subjects taken, or, alternatively, the candidate's declaration of honor that he completed the Bachelor's or Master's degree until the end of the application deadline;
• Registration of the recognition of foreign of academic degrees awarded by foreign higher education institutions and record of the conversion of the respective final classification to the Portuguese classification scale, or, alternatively, the candidate's declaration of honor that he obtained recognition of the foreign degree equivalent to that of graduate or master with effect at the end of the application period;
• Motivation letter;
• Present/prepare and submit the application and all related documents, including motivation letter, in Portuguese or in English.
• Work plan to be developed, with the following mandatory elements: title; abstract; key words; state-of-the-art; research problems, questions and objectives; work plan; detailed schedule and execution indicators; framework and relevance to the research activities plan of the Instituto de Telecomunicações; references (maximum of seven pages);
• An opinion and statement of agreement from the supervisor and eventual co-supervisor (s) appointed to monitor the candidate's activity. The supervisor must be PhD holder and a member of the Instituto de Telecomunicações of Aveiro.

Regarding the admissibility requirements mentioned above, the following should be noted:

• In the case of foreign academic degrees, and to guarantee the application of the principle of equal treatment among applicants with national and foreign academic degrees, it is mandatory to submit the recognition of foreign degrees and the conversion of the respective final grade to the Portuguese grading scale.
• The recognition of foreign academic degrees and diplomas, and the conversion of the respective final grade to the Portuguese grading scale, can be issued by any Portuguese public higher education institution, or in case of automatic recognition by the Directorate General for Higher Education (Direção Geral do Ensino Superior, DGES). Regarding this matter, it is suggested to visit the DGES portal through the following address:
• Applicants will be admitted only if they have completed the study cycle leading to a bachelor's or master's degree by the end of the application period and have uploaded the certificates of completion of the course. Candidates will be admitted also if they upload a declaration of honor stating that they will have completed the necessary qualifications for the purposes of the competition by the end of the contract signature date stated above. The granting of the scholarship always depends on the presentation of proof of holding the academic qualifications necessary for granting the scholarship.

Please refer to the original announcement.
All the selection process is conducted through the IT web portal. No actions outside this platform are valid.
Application Period:
13-03-2023 to 28-04-2023
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