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Project: Advanced Sensors and lightweight Programmable middleware for Innovative Rfid Enterprise applications

Acronym: ASPIRE
Main Objective:
ASPIRE will research and provide a radical change in the current RFID deployment paradigm
through innovative, programmable, royalty-free and privacy friendly middleware. This new
middleware paradigm will be particular beneficial to European SME, which are nowadays
experiencing significant cost-barriers to RFID deployment.
European networked enterprises in general and SME in particular are still reluctant to adopt
RFID, since they perceive RFID as unprofitable or too risky. This is largely due to the fact that
the adoption of RFID technology incurs a significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ASPIRE
will significantly lower SME entry costs for RFID technology, through developing and
providing a lightweight, royalty-free, innovative, programmable, privacy friendly, middleware
platform that will facilitate low-cost development and deployment of innovative RFID
solutions. This platform will act as a main vehicle for realizing the proposed swift in the
current RFID deployment paradigm. The ASPIRE middleware platform will take into account
innovative European developments in the area of ubiquitous RFID-based sensing (i.e.,
physical quantities sensing (temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration), mobile sensing)
towards enabling novel business cases that ensure high ROI (Return on Investment). The
ASPIRE RFID middleware paradigm, as well as the unique and novel characteristics of the
ASPIRE middleware platforms are thoroughly described in this proposal.
Reference: ICT-2007-1.3
Funding: EU/FP7
Start Date: 01-01-2008
End Date: 01-06-2010
Team: Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro
Groups: Radio Systems – Av
Local Coordinator: Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro
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