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Project: Metamaterial with extreme permittivity

Acronym: Metex
Main Objective:
Investigate microwave applications for the x-wires metamaterial, such as the realization of ultra-subwavelength waveguides, superlensing, miniaturization of microwave components, or the design of novel resonant inclusions.
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Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-12-2008
End Date: 01-05-2010
Team: Mário Goncalo Mestre Verissimo Silveirinha, Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes, Jorge Manuel Lopes Leal Rodrigues da Costa, João Tiago de Figueiredo e Costa, Tiago André Nogueira Morgado, Carla Sofia dos Reis Medeiros, Eduardo Jorge da Costa Brás Lima
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Co, Antennas and Propagation – Lx
Local Coordinator: Mário Goncalo Mestre Verissimo Silveirinha
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