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Project: Comparison of WiMAX and LTE on a Personal Cell Scenario for the Provision of Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Services

Acronym: COILS
Main Objective:
The main goal of COILS is the design and evaluation of efficient methods for the provision of broadband services and applications based on MBMS to groups of mobile users located mainly in Personal Cells. The use of MBMS over Personal Cells will support the efficient use of radio and network resources, while also providing rich context information to applications and services. Merging these two frameworks promises enhanced multimedia application provisioning, benefiting end users and operators alike. The technologies investigated during the course of the project will generate considerable novel intellectual property that will become the property of IT.
Reference: IT
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-12-2008
End Date: 01-11-2010
Team: Americo Manuel Carapeto Correia, António José Castelo Branco Rodrigues, João Carlos Marques Silva, Nuno Manuel Branco Souto, Pedro Manuel de Almeida Carvalho Vieira
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx, Administrative Lisboa
Partners: IT
Local Coordinator: Americo Manuel Carapeto Correia
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