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Project: New Challenges in Raman amplification

Acronym: (NeCiRA)
Main Objective:
The major objective of this project is to study the new challenges impose by Raman amplification in optical communications. In particular, the questions related with temporal and spectral transients. Another relevant aspect of this amplification scheme is the fibre catastrophic fuse effect, responsible by the fibre destruction due to the high injected optical power.
Reference: FCT/China 2010/2012, 0 441.00
Start Date: 01-11-2010
End Date: 01-10-2013
Team: Paulo Sergio de Brito Andre, Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira, Mário Jose Neves de Lima, Rogério Nunes Nogueira, João de Lemos Pinto, Berta Neto, Ana Maria Sousa da Rocha
Groups: Optical Communications Systems – Av
Partners: Beijng Post and telecom university (BPTP)
Local Coordinator: Paulo Sergio de Brito Andre
Associated Publications