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Project: Mobility concepts for IMT-Advances

Acronym: MOBILIA
Main Objective:
MOBILIA project targets ITU IMT-advanced requirements for future wireless systems, i.e. peak data rates of 100 Mbps for mobile applications and 1 Gbps for low mobility. The IMT-advanced vision of future network as being formed of interworking access systems will also be considered. A derived target is to obtain an increased aggregate throughput/ user satisfaction vs. existing systems.
MOBILIA will address these various challenges, mainly in the context of WiMAX, covering, at least, IEEE802.16m, 802.16j and beyond. Other complementary technologies will be also analyzed, e.g. WiFi to perform relaying in the framework of IEEE 802.16e.
Reference: CP5-016
Funding: PO Centro
Start Date: 01-06-2009
End Date: 01-11-2011
Team: Jonathan Rodriguez Gonzalez
Groups: Mobile Systems - Av
Local Coordinator: Jonathan Rodriguez Gonzalez
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