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Project: Co-operative Radio over Fibre for Wireless Networks

Acronym: CROWN
Main Objective:
The project activities will encompass the three phases needed for a successful demonstration, i.e:
• Definition of requirements and scenarios;
• Algorithm definition and validation;
• Proof of concept.
The proof of concept will be done at two levels:
At the system level through the integration of the selected algorithms on a network simulator;
At the hardware level, though the development of an FPGA based testing infrastructure complemented by the required Radio-
Frequency (RF) and optical modules, allowing to experimentally show the feasibility of the architecture and algorithms proposed.
The project brings together expertise from the areas of wireless and optical communications, allowing previously untapped synergies
between these two areas, and builds up on the experience of the research team in international projects dealing with Radio over Fibre
Reference: PTDC/EEA-TEL/115828/2009
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-03-2011
End Date: 01-02-2014
Team: Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro, Adão Paulo Soares da Silva, Manuel Alberto Reis de Oliveira Violas, Carlos Miguel Nogueira Gaspar Ribeiro, Ramiro Samano Robles
Groups: Mobile Networks – Av, Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av
Local Coordinator: Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro
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