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Project: Traffic Engineering for DiffServ/MPLS Networks

Acronym: TELEMAT
Main Objective: Investigation of traffic engineering issues that are specific of DiffServ/MPLS networks: (i) characterization of IP traffic and definition of traffic models for both individual flows and flow aggregates; (ii) development of methods for classification in service classes and resource allocation in each class; (iii) development of algorithms for dimensioning DiffServ/MPLS networks; (iv) study of scalable admission control algorithms; (v) development of tools for traffic modeling and network dimensioning.
Funding: PT Inovação
Start Date: 01-04-2001
End Date: 31-03-2002
Team: Rui Jorge Morais Tomaz Valadas, Amaro Fernandes de Sousa, Antonio Manuel Duarte Nogueira, Carlos Miguel Ferreira Soares Borges Lopes, Paulo Jorge Salvador Serra Ferreira, Susana Isabel Barreto de Miranda Sargento
Groups: Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Local Coordinator: Rui Jorge Morais Tomaz Valadas
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