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Project: Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for Radio Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio

Acronym: TERRA
Main Objective:
The main objective of this Action is to develop a comprehensive techno-economic regulatory framework of radio spectrum access rules for CR/SDR-based wireless applications, catering for envisaged CR/SDR deployment scenarios and shown to benefit most optimally the development of the wireless industries and consumer interests at large. Furthermore, the Action will provide assistance to European administrations in formulating a European position on radio spectrum access rules for CR/SDR applications.

This Action will establish a multi-disciplinary European forum focused on coordinating techno-economic studies for the development of a harmonised European regulatory framework to facilitate the advancement and broad commercial deployment of Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio (CR/SDR) systems. The Action will leverage on results and experiences from national and international research initiatives and early standard-setting activities by recommending sound regulatory policies that would facilitate fastest possible uptake and proliferation of CR/SDR. The need for this Action has been supported by European regulators in the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT). They stated willingness to use the results of the Action in their work on developing the harmonised European regulatory regime for CR/SDR. Very conveniently, proposals elaborated by the Action could also be used as a part of European contributions to the forthcoming World Radiocommunications Conference in 2012, which has CR/SDR regulatory policy on its agenda.

Working towards that objective, TERRA will structure its activities in the following clusters:

research into development of plausible deployment scenarios for CR/SDR, based on results of current and future technological R&D activities,
research into what regulations would be technically feasible,
research into what regulatory regime would be economically attractive,
research into overall impact assessment and societal benefits of developed regulatory scenarios.
Reference: COST IC0905
Funding: EU/COST
Start Date: 01-05-2010
End Date: 01-12-2014
Team: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez, António José Castelo Branco Rodrigues, Daniel Luís Silveira Robalo, Orlando Manuel Brito Cabral, Norberto José Gil Barroca
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Local Coordinator: Fernando Jose da Silva Velez
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