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Project: Eco-Zement

Acronym: Eco-Zement
Main Objective:
The project main goal is to turn a waste produced by oil industry in a by-product for cement industry. This synergy will generate significant economic and environmental dividends for both the oil and cement industries as they become more technologically advanced. Despite the great benefits of incorporating the waste from Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) unit into cement-based materials, there is still an extensive lack of fundamental understanding about the reaction mechanisms, as well the microstructure of the blended materials. The project addresses to integrate various types of analysis done at the nano and microscale, and correlate these analyses with the mechanical properties of the blended cement materials. The fundamental knowledge generated will contribute to improve the industrial formulation of FCC catalyst/cement blended materials. Progress in this domain can be considered a breakthrough in an efficient and large-scale industrial utilization of this waste.
IT role will be:
- Development of novel signal and image processing techniques for data acquired via electronic microscopy;
- Development and evaluation of signal processing techniques for Non Destructive Testing of cement based materials.
Reference: PTDC/ECM/​113115/200​9
Funding: FCT/PTDC
Start Date: 01-04-2009
End Date: 01-12-2014
Team: Carla Maria Duarte da Silva e Costa, Paulo Alexandre Carapinha Marques
Groups: Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx
Partners: Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Instituto Superior Técnico, Petróleos de Portugal - PETROGAL, SA (PETROGAL/Galp-E), University of Texas at Austin
Local Coordinator: Paulo Alexandre Carapinha Marques

Associated Publications