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Project: Large-Dimensional MIMO Physical Layer Network Coding

Acronym: L-DimM-NetCod
Main Objective:
The L-DimM-NetCod project aims to delve into the emerging fields of massive MIMO and physical layer network coding (PLNC), making use of a common geometric perspective based on lattice theory. The objective is to design PLNC schemes that are robust for terminals and, more importantly, relays, with a large number of antennas and for cells with a large number of user terminals. These schemes are to be assessed with typical channel models for indoor and outdoor scenarios so that an operational meaning is given to the spectral efficiency of the schemes in comparison to traditional TDMA.
Reference: P1275
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-09-2014
End Date: 01-09-2016
Team: Francisco Antonio Taveira Branco Nunes Monteiro, António José Castelo Branco Rodrigues, Ivo Luís de la Cerda Garcia e Sousa
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: University of Lancaster, UK
Local Coordinator: Francisco Antonio Taveira Branco Nunes Monteiro

Associated Publications