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Project: Simplified Volterra analysis for dynamical optical networks compensation

Acronym: VADONetC
Main Objective:
1 - the definition of a modeling procedure for the communications channel that allows its postcompensation. In this activity one should consider as a starting point the physical model provided by the Volterra Series Transfer Function and study the inclusion of some black box terms that can improve its performance by introducing the possibility to be adapted according to slight variations in the system to be modeled.
2 - Implement the practical details associated with the implementation of such systems in real pre/postcompensation scenarios.
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Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-06-2014
End Date: 01-05-2016
Team: Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Lavrador, José Carlos Esteves Duarte Pedro, Telmo Reis Cunha, Armando Humberto Moreira Nolasco Pinto, Fernando Pedro Pereira Guiomar, Sofia Batalha de Oliveira Pascoal Amado
Groups: Wireless Circuits – Av, Wireless Circuits – Av, Wireless Circuits – Av, Optical Communications Systems – Av, Optical Communications Systems – Av, Optical Communications Systems – Av
Local Coordinator: Pedro Miguel Ribeiro Lavrador
Associated Publications