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Project: RF transparency control of building wall structures in the Iberian context

Acronym: RFWALL
Main Objective:
This project aims at studying new propagation enhancement (and reduction) techniques using Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) for interference mitigation, coverage enhancement and wireless security in indoor radio environments. Development deployment and construction of new FSS structures will be addressed through theoretical investigations as well as experimental data gathering and model validation at varies frequencies, from 400 MHz up to 62.4 GHz. FSS are envisaged to be deployed to either selectively confine radio propagation in indoor areas, by artificially increasing the radio transmission loss naturally caused by building walls, or to channel radio signals into other areas of interest.
Reference: IT/PEst-OE/EEI/LA0008/2013/RFWALL
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-10-2014
End Date: 01-09-2016
Team: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha, David Crespo Ferreira, Telmo Rui Carvalhinho Cunha Fernandes, Inhigo Cuinas
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lr
Partners: University of Vigo (Spain)
Local Coordinator: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha

Associated Publications