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Project: In@Bus

Acronym: In@Bus
Main Objective:
In@Bus is a project for PT Inovação, which objective is to develop a computer and telecommunications platform for buses and trucks. The buses system is supposed to provide communications via a mobile communications network (GSM or TETRA), bus radio access network to the passengers via a wireless portal (IEEE 802.11 and/or Bluetooth), integration with the ticketing and passenger counting systems, information displaying through LED information panel, video contents displaying through LCD monitors and passenger filming (for security purposes). The truck system should also provide GPS aided navigation and a computing full operational office including code bar reader integration for packages registration. The In@Bus project also includes the development of a RF identification system for bus stops, that shall help the GPS system to provide correct positioning in the city. The integration of passenger counting systems and bus billing system with the bus communications platform is also a goal of this project
Reference: P221
Funding: PT Inovação
Start Date: 01-10-2001
End Date: 30-06-2003
Team: Mário Rui dos Santos
Groups: Radio Systems – Av
Partners: PT Inovação
Local Coordinator: Mário Rui dos Santos
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