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Project: Innovative Antennas for Emerging Terrestrial and Space-Based Applications

Acronym: COST 284
Main Objective:
To progress and innovate in the theoretical modelling and in the multidisciplinary design and development of new architectures, components, circuits and test techniques for antennas. The focus will be on antenna arrays, active and adaptive antennas and their beam forming, in support of broadband applications up to millimetre waves.
Funding: ESF/COST
Start Date: 21-02-2002
End Date: 04-10-2006
Team: Custódio José Oliveira Peixeiro, Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes, Jose Fernando da Rocha Pereira, Afonso Manuel dos Santos Barbosa
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lx
Partners: 17 countries
Local Coordinator: Custódio José Oliveira Peixeiro
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