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Project: Radio Interactive Transmission of Local Video

Acronym: TRIVial
Main Objective:
Project TRIVial intends to develop a wireless residential platform. This project is included in telecommunications and information area and one of main goals is to study and consequently choose a local wireless network preferentially wide band as well as researching new video coding and transmission techniques appropriate for that network. The algorithms to be researched and recommended will take into account that the terminal equipments are the conventional TV sets associated to remote control units with keyboard and mice making them ideal to provide multimedia interactive applications. Those algorithms will also take into account interoperability aspects between the platform to be developed and the television DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) and radio DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) broadcasting networks.
Funding: ADI
Start Date: 01-04-2003
End Date: 31-03-2005
Team: António Navarro Rodrigues, Nuno Miguel Gonçalves Borges de Carvalho, João Tavares
Groups: Radio Systems – Av
Partners: Philips-RCS
Local Coordinator: António Navarro Rodrigues

Associated Publications