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Project: Cooperative Multi-band Access Strategies for 5G Ultra Dense Networks

Acronym: PURE-5GNET
Main Objective:
The main technical objectives are to develop a high-performance heterogeneous access network by considering a flexible C-RAN
based architecture, and integrating mmW communications with conventional radio-wave communication systems, joint cognition and
cooperative schemes, efficient and joint cross-layer approaches in the management of radio and FH/BH resources. To reach the above
main goals, specific research objectives are:
• Design and evaluate new interference management (based on pre-coding for the downlink and cooperative equalization for the
uplink) and joint scheduling mechanisms to mitigate interference through cooperation. These will be enhanced with the knowledge of
the interference obtained through spectrum sensing and cognitive radio techniques.
• Development of new methods for reducing the load in the BH/FH. This includes new methods for the acquisition/dissemination of the
information required for coordination / cooperation as well as compression algorithms, namely for the case of Remote Radio Heads
(RRH) employing both mmW and MMIMO.
• PURE-5GNET will propose a functional split between the data and control planes for UDNs and also defines necessary interfaces
among these functional blocks such as AP/UE dual-band discovery, mmW beamforming and link establishment, and resource
allocation and packet transmission procedures.
• PURE-5GNET will propose a converged backhaul and RRM mechanism in particular for the joint management of the resources in the
radio and BH/FH domains (optical and wireless).
• Development of an experimental testbed including FPGAs supporting the selected algorithms and optical links. This testbed will be
integrated in the IT infrastructure ORCIP.
Reference: UID/EEA/50008/2013
Funding: IT, FCT
Start Date: 01-04-2016
End Date: 01-09-2018
Team: Adão Paulo Soares da Silva, Atilio Manuel da Silva Gameiro, Rui Miguel Henriques Dias Morgado Dinis, Luís Filipe Lourenço Bernardo, Carlos Miguel Nogueira Gaspar Ribeiro, Manuel Alberto Reis de Oliveira Violas, Nuno Manuel Branco Souto, Vitor Manuel Mendes da Silva, Maria do Carmo Raposo de Medeiros, Marco Alexandre Cravo Gomes, Eduardo Daniel Castañeda Trujillo, Daniel Filipe Marques Castanheira
Groups: Mobile Networks – Av, Radio Systems – Lx, Optical Communications Systems – Av, Multimedia Signal Processing – Co, Optical Networking – Co
Local Coordinator: Adão Paulo Soares da Silva
Associated Publications