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Project: SEMI40

Acronym: SEMI40
Main Objective:
Future manufacture mode will deliver greater flexibility and robustness together with the highest quality standards in engineering, planning, manufacturing and operational and logistics process. Smart Factories per definition apply novel information and communication technologies (ICT) to advance manufacturing. SEMI40 is an IA with an intentionally set focus on implementation and test in pilot production environment.
Its aim is to bring together the models and frameworks of two domains - the ICT domain and the manufacturing domain.
Reference: 692466
Funding: EC
Start Date: 01-05-2016
End Date: 01-04-2019
Team: Joaquim Manuel Camões Sobral de Bastos, Georgios Mantas, Alireza Esfahani
Groups: Mobile Systems - Av
Local Coordinator: Joaquim Manuel Camões Sobral de Bastos
Associated Publications