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Project: Development of a Navigation User Receiver Simulator

Acronym: DNURS
Main Objective:
This project aims at developing and validating a software receiver for GALILEO and GPS signals. The focus is placed at the signal processing part of the receiver (i.e., the subsystems that process the incoming IF or baseband samples and provide bit values, pseudoranges and carrier phase measurements).
A software signal generator is being developed as it is a necessary element to test the software receiver and to obtain a complete Navigation User Receiver Simulator.
The software receiver shall serve to rapidly prototype different receiver configurations, algorithms and techniques, assess the performance achievable with GALILEO signals , and create initial designs for future hardware implementations.
This activity, proposed by the European Space Agency (ESA), is being implemented by a team led by Skysoft, which is also responsible for the software signal generator, and Instituto de Telecomunicacoes (IT-Lisbon), as a subcontractor, which is responsible for the software receiver development.
Reference: p237
Funding: ESA-ESTEC
Start Date: 03-01-2003
End Date: 31-12-2003
Team: José Manuel Nunes Leitão, Fernando Duarte Nunes, Fernando de Sousa
Groups: Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx
Partners: Skysoft
Local Coordinator: José Manuel Nunes Leitão

Associated Publications