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Project: Propagation Channel Modelling in Vegetation Media for Future Fixed and Mobile Radio Systems

Acronym: PROVEG
Main Objective:
Research is being carried out at University of Glamorgan (UoG) on propagation modelling to establish planning and design tools for Micro- and Macro- cellular personal mobile radio systems operating at microwave and millimetre wave frequencies. Concurrently, researchers at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (ESTG-IPL)/ Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT) have developed knowledge in the radiowave propagation areas, mainly in vegetation studies of single and small groups of tree formations. Joint research work has been undertaken by both teams to further test and validate a generic model for radiowave propagation through vegetation based on the Radiative Energy Transfer Theory (RET) at frequencies above 1 GHz. Results of this initial investigation have been jointly published in scientific journals. This proposal aims to take forward the RET modelling work carried out at Glamorgan which identified a number of problems in the estimation and establishment of the input parameters required by the RET model.
The specific objectives of the project will be:

i) Enable members of both teams to meet and to review more critically common areas of interest and beneficial ways of collaboration.
ii)Promote research in Portuguese Institutions, especially in the Polytechnics.
iii) Exchange researchers so that jointly the two groups can demonstrate application of models, carry out experimental measurements and jointly assess and interpret results.
iv) Design joint experiments aimed at characterising and modelling attenuation due to absorption, scattering and depolarisation for various trees species, required in the development of the prediction tool.
v) Define further measurements scenarios to provide further validation aimed at testing and improving the accuracy of the prediction tool.
vi) Formulate recommendations on the use of the tool for the planning, co-ordination and optimisation of radio links and services.
Funding: British Council, CCISP
Start Date: 01-04-2004
End Date: 31-03-2005
Team: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha, Jurgen Richter, Miqdad AL-Nuaimi, Telmo Rui Carvalhinho Cunha Fernandes
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Co, Administrative Lisboa, Administrative Lisboa, Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Co
Partners: Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, Portugal, School of Electronics, University of Glamorgan, UK
Local Coordinator: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha
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