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Project: Batteryless energy supply system based on flexible organic photovoltaic cells

Acronym: uFlexBat
Main Objective:
The project proposes the development of an ultra-compact (<1cm2) and flexible electrical self-sustainable energy supply system – the μflexBAT – based on an organic photovoltaic cell and a Power Management Unit (PMU) for voltage regulation, to emulate a button-like battery, aimed at ultralow-power health- monitoring sensor nodes, for wearable and portable applications.
Reference: UID/50008
Funding: IT/LA
Start Date: 01-12-2016
End Date: 30-06-2019
Team: Pedro Nuno Mendonça dos Santos, Maria Beatriz Mendes Batalha Vieira Borges, Ana Maria de Matos Charas, Jorge Manuel Ferreira Morgado, Vitor Manuel da Silva Costa, Jorge Manuel Correia Guilherme, João Manuel Torres Caldinhas Simões Vaz
Groups: Wireless Circuits – Lx, Organic Electronics – Lx, Power Electronics - Lx, Integrated Circuits - Lx
Partners: null
Local Coordinator: Pedro Nuno Mendonça dos Santos

Associated Publications