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Project: ENAbling Green E-science for SKA - Capacitation and Sustainability of Portuguese participation in the SKA with radioastronomy as an Innovation Open Living Lab

Main Objective:
This proposal sets up a capacitation and sustainability plan for a Green e-Science
Infrastructure fostering Portugal participation in the ESFRI SKA project along the Big Data and Green Power axis, that will act as a driver for smart and sustainable growth along some of the less developed regions of Portugal taking radioastronomy as an
Innovation Open Living Lab. SKA is a global, unparalleled project not only because of its ambitious scientific goals, its overwhelming infrastructure (spreading through 3 continents, capable of outputting more data than the entire World Internet traffic) but
because it will be built through phases, each giving the opportunity for transformational science with cutting-edge technology. In 2016, the European Commission classified SKA as an ESFRI Landmark project. Portugal has secured key contributions in the SKA consortia, having a strong opportunity to effectively participate in the construction and scientific exploration phases.

Eligible Costs: 3 859 076,89 € (Total) / 983 475,29€ (IT)

Funding (FEDER - COMPETE 2020): 3 280 215,37€ (Total) / 835 954,00€ (IT)

Funding (Orçamento de Estado - OE): 578 861,52€ (Total) / 147 521,29€ (IT)
Reference: 022217
Funding: FCT/POCI, P2020
Start Date: 01-05-2017
End Date: 29-04-2020
Team: Domingos da Silva Barbosa, José Miguel da Silva Bergano, Bruno David Fernandes Coelho, Diogo José Domingues Regateiro, João Paulo Silva Barraca, Diogo Nuno Pereira Gomes, Rui Luis Andrade Aguiar
Groups: Integrated Circuits – Av, Telecommunications and Networking – Av
Partners: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Politécnico de Beja, Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade de Évora
Local Coordinator: Domingos da Silva Barbosa

Associated Publications