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Project: High-performance wooden buildings

Main Objective:
Design of prefabricated modules, transportable by lorry or marine containers, fully infrastructured (water, sewage and electricity),
coated and equipped, capable of being overlapped in height for large volume construction. The modules are transported from the
factory to the final destination, where only a crane and small tools are required for their coupling (‘plug and play’ concept). As an
example, a building with 200 rooms, spread over 10 floors, should be completed in less than 3 weeks with a team of 10 people
(except its foundations).
Reference: CENTRO-01-0145-FEDER-024017
Funding: P2020
Start Date: 01-09-2017
End Date: 31-12-2019
Team: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lr
Partners: FLORIANO & FILHO, UNIPESSOAL LDA, Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Instituto Politécnico de Castelo Branco, Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra, Instituto Politécnico de Leiria, SERQ – CENTRO DE INOVAÇÃO E COMPETÊNCIAS DA FLORESTA – ASSOCIAÇÃO, TISEM, LDA
Local Coordinator: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha

Associated Publications