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Project: Otimização Conjunta de Transmissão Hertziana e Óptica Privilegiando o Utilizador e Seu Ambiente (OCTHOPUS)

Main Objective:
The OCTHOPUS project intends to develop a software solution for telecommunications operators (fixed and mobile) that performs a set of activities to monitor, plan and optimize an operator's global transmission network (access, aggregation and transport network), maximizing End-to-End Quality of Service (QoS) / Quality of Experience (QoE) offered to end-users, while minimizing the OPEX and CAPEX. The general objectives of the project are:

Monitoring: development of a platform for network visualization and auditing, including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) health-check for the entire transmission network. Also, the implementation and installation, from scratch, of a energy consumption monitoring system for transmission nodes.

Planning: Resizing the engineering margins used in the design of the fixed and mobile links responsible for transmission (link budget). Transmission Node failures simulation, with redefinition of the interconnection plan and inherent impact on quality of service, capacity and reached coverage/availability. Joint analysis of transmission network and access / core networks related with the migration of network topology to innovative and emerging approaches, such as C-RAN, SDN / NFV and MEC.

Optimization: determination of the best transmission solution (wired/wireless) and its parameterization according to: used technology, frequency band, energy consumption, available capacity bandwidth, geographic location of the transmission nodes and potential locations to include in network growth, terrain morphology and short- to medium-term meteorological indicators. Use of artificial intelligence techniques and Self-Organizing Networks (SON) approaches.

The research group includes experts in the telecom field (electrical and informatics engineering), with distinct professional backgrounds, academic and also industry oriented. The project proposal is in fact a group effort between Instituto de Telecomunicações and CELFINET, aiming to increase the competitiveness of national science and technology, while promoting the transfer of scientific and technological innovation to the productive sector.

Reference: 01/SI/2018 - I&DT Empresarial (Projetos Individuais)
Start Date: 01-10-2018
End Date: 30-09-2020
Team: Pedro Manuel de Almeida Carvalho Vieira, António José Castelo Branco Rodrigues, Maria Paula dos Santos Queluz Rodrigues, Pedro Joaquim Amaro Sebastião
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: CELFINET
Local Coordinator: Pedro Manuel de Almeida Carvalho Vieira

Associated Publications