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Project: Radio coverage for emergency communication systems to operate under critical wildfire environments TOOL

Acronym: RESCuE-TOOL
Main Objective:
In this research project, the study of radiowave propagation phenomena in the presence of wildfires, is proposed. Both experimental and theoretical approaches to examine and understand radio propagation in fire environments for various scenarios and fuel heaps that are problematic to radio communication will be examined and a new radio system planning will be studied and implemented in real case applications. Discussion and recommendations will be made concerning radio communication frequency selection and considerations for both SIRESP radio coverage and backhaul redundancy for the backhaul radio links of each base station, to operate in fire environments. This builds up on top of more than 20 years of extensive research work on attenuation in vegetation media by research team.
Reference: PCIF/SSI/0194/2017
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 31-12-2018
End Date: 27-02-2023
Team: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha, Mário António Patrício Carreira Vala, Nuno Ricardo Cordeiro Leonor, João Manuel de Almeida Monteiro Felício, Sandra Maria Salvador Mota Pinto Ribeiro, António Miguel Castanheira Afonso de Almeida, Stefânia de Sousa Faria, Carlos Antonio Cardoso Fernandes, Carlos Eduardo do Rego da Costa Salema, Pedro António Gomes Duarte Coimbra
Groups: Antennas and Propagation – Lr, Antennas and Propagation – Lx
Partners: University of Adelaide, Australia
Local Coordinator: Rafael Ferreira da Silva Caldeirinha

Associated Publications