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Project: Non-Invasive Fog-Cloud Enabled Home Monitoring for Elders

Acronym: NICE-HOME
Main Objective:
• Progress in research on new sensor design techniques, towards the production of sensitive, reliable, compact sensors;
• Provision of reliable delay-dependent networking;
• An intelligent home-based motion monitoring system for seniors.
Reference: IT Internal
Funding: IT
Start Date: 01-02-2020
End Date: 31-01-2022
Team: Ayman Mohamed M. Radwan, Haoran Chi, Maria de Fátima Fonseca Domingues, Nélia Jordão Alberto, Paulo Fernando da Costa Antunes, Ana Luisa Nobre Fred
Groups: Mobile Systems - Av, Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av, Pattern and Image Analysis – Lx
Partners: IT
Local Coordinator: Ayman Mohamed M. Radwan

Associated Publications