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Project: Black holes, holography and phase transitions

Acronym: BlackHolePT
Main Objective:
The project is organized into two tasks. On the first task we will deal with black hole perturbations, quasinormal modes and cosmic censorship. In these studies we will specially be
concerned with the effects of higher derivative corrections in the black hole solutions we will consider. These corrections are typically motivated by string theories.
In the second task we will apply the AdS/CFT correspondence to problems of current interest in strongly coupled systems, namely condensed matter and nonperturbative QCD.
Reference: CERN/FIS-PAR/0023/2019
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 07-09-2020
End Date: 06-09-2022
Team: Filipe Alexandre Pedra Aguiar de Moura, João Lopes Costa, Jorge V. Rocha, Miguel Rodrigues Zilhão Nogueira, Nikola Paunkovic, Ricardo André Faleiro Miguel, Athanasios Giannakopoulos, João Carlos Vieira Rodrigues, José Natário, Pedro Aniceto, Rodrigo Vicente
Groups: Applied Mathematics
Partners: N/A
Local Coordinator: Filipe Alexandre Pedra Aguiar de Moura
Associated Publications