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Project: SI I&DT Copromoção Nr. 047221 - plugPON: PLUGgables (and not only) to upgrade and simplify 10G and beyond PONs

Acronym: plugPON
Main Objective:
Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Synthesis: plugPON aims at developing not only pluggable optoelectronic transceivers but also other equipment and key functionalities for several types of optical access networks. The project is focused in two different timelines comprising medium and long term solutions divided in standardized and under standardization networks.
The standardized networks in cause are the ones which are currently in deployment and have at least 10Gbps i.e. XGS-PON and NG-PON2. One can state that such networks are currently under deployment because their baseline building blocks are demonstrated, i tis not time to develop new equipment that allow massification and exploitation of all the functionalities that such networks can bring, providing the return of investment desired by the operators. In order to simplify and turn more efficient such networks, this project intends, for the ONT, to develop optoelectronic transceiver that comprises MAC functionalities (a.k.a. stick), these for both NG-PON2 and XGS-PON allowing a not only the reduction of the equipment needed for deployment but also paving the way to the right insfrastructure for 5G backhaul. Complementary to the stick described this project targets to develop transceiver that, through channel bonding, deliver up to 40Gbps this would be achieved with the use of Photonic Integrated Circuits. On the OLT side, where miniaturization and power are key for the operators to save on space and fixed costs, plugPON aims at developing OLT transceiver for NG-PON2 and XGS-PON using disruptive technology based on direct modulated LASERs. This also enables point to point applications up to 80km, innovative transceiver also to be developed within this project. To allow flexibility on the network and increase its functionalities it will also be developed transceiver for COMBO i.e. quadplexer NG-PON2/XGS-PON in a single port OLT following the COMBO trend GPON/XGS-PON that the operators are adopting. This will be a unique solution in the market, and it will be based on photonic integrated circuits with hybrid integration.
Concerning the networks under-standardization in order to prepare this future generation deployment and enabling contribution on the standard with the limitations observed in the proejct, ONU and OLT equipment will be developed for three technological lines under development on the standard bodies which have several technological challenges among which one can point: 25Gbps, 50Gbps and 100 Gbps tunable and non-tunable. In this way, the demosntration of technological achievements such as burst mode transmission and reception at 25Gbps, electro optical interfaces for higher than 25Gbps and multi-amplitude modulation formats will be shown through OLT and OLT prototypes based on photnic integrated circuits (monolithic or hybrid) for NG-PON2+,XGS-PON+ and Fast-PON.
For all these produtcs, under the scope of this project, innovative characteristics will be developed for the different layers in cause: optics, electronics, packaging, firmware, software and system integration turning this project into an ambicious one from the component to the integration of the network equipment level.

Eligible Costs: 2 074 502,91 € (Total) / 247 312,66 € (IT)

Funding (FEDER - COMPETE 2020): 1 244 759,99 € (Total) / 185 484,50 € (IT)
Reference: POCI-01-0247-FEDER-047221
Funding: P2020
Approval Date: 18-11-2020
Start Date: 01-03-2020
End Date: 28-02-2023
Team: Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira, Mário Jose Neves de Lima
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Av
Local Coordinator: Antonio Luis Jesus Teixeira
Associated Publications