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Project: Helically Twisted Polymer Optical Fibres for High Capacity Short Range Communications and Wearable Flexible Smart Sensors

Acronym: FOPE-ComSens
Main Objective:
The main objective of this proposal is to develop new techniques and new innovative devices based on CFGs for FTTH networks and also wearable fibre sensors for medicine of
rehabilitation, namely for the monitoring of knee, elbow and shoulder joints.
The main objectives are as follows:
Aim 1: Modelling and improve the theoretical understanding of CFGs in POFs of different types, geometries and materials;
Aim 2: Implementation of a state of the art CFG fabrication system for POF fibres;
Aim 3: Development of innovative POF based CFG devices for low-cost passive all-optical processing using all-POF based technology;
Aim 4: Design and development of new wearable POF sensors based on CFGs, for the monitoring of human joints, either by stitching the fibre onto clothes or by embedding the
fibres in 3D printed flexible skins;
Aim 5: Experimental evaluation of the proposed solutions with the presentation of prototypes;
Aim 6: Training young researchers;
Aim 7: Continue the successful international scientific networking.
Reference: PTDC/EEI-TEL/1511/2020
Funding: FCT
Approval Date: 17-12-2020
Start Date: 29-03-2021
End Date: 28-03-2024
Team: Ricardo Jorge Figueiredo Oliveira, Rogério Nunes Nogueira, Lúcia Maria Botas Bilro, Ana Maria Sousa da Rocha, Miguel Vidal Drummond, Liliana Mendes Sousa, Filipa da Rosa Carvalhal Sequeira, Daniel Andre Pires Duarte
Groups: Optical Devices and Sensors - Av
Partners: none
Local Coordinator: Ricardo Jorge Figueiredo Oliveira

Associated Publications