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Project: Distributed Access Design for Cell-less Smart 6G Networks

Acronym: CELL-LESS6G
Main Objective:
The CELL-LESS6G project investigates multiple solutions to be integrated into the upcoming generation of wireless networks (6G). The innovative aspects include the adoption of advanced communication technologies to address ultra-dense deployment scenarios capable of serving data-centric applications requiring stringent throughput, very low latency, and a huge density of connected devices. To this end, the project explores the innovative concept of cell-less networks, which breaks the conventional paradigm of associating a device with a single base station. On the contrary, CELL-LESS6G explores dissociated operation to support a user-centric paradigm where the devices can be served by several base stations simultaneously.
The solutions to be investigated in the project require a deep knowledge of wireless communication systems and computer networks, which are topics under the Telecommunications area, and more broadly in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
Reference: 2022.08786.PTDC
Funding: FCT
Start Date: 01-01-2023
End Date: 31-12-2025
Team: Rodolfo Alexandre Duarte Oliveira, Diogo Filipe Cardoso Pereira, João Francisco Martinho Ledo Guerreiro, Luís Filipe Lourenço Bernardo, Paulo da Costa Luis da Fonseca Pinto, Rui Miguel Henriques Dias Morgado Dinis, Pedro Miguel Figueiredo Amaral
Groups: Radio Systems – Lx
Partners: none
Local Coordinator: Rodolfo Alexandre Duarte Oliveira

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