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Project: Super High-capacity Optical Transmission Systems

Acronym: SHOTS
Main Objective:
1) Proposal of a new signalling format for UDWDM systems; 2) Comprehensive study of optical single sideband formats for UDWDM systems; 3) Study of differential phase shift keying-based signalling formats for UDWDM systems; 4) Generalisation of previous analysis of cross-phase modulation induced degradation in dispersion compensated intensity modulation – direct detection (IM-DD) DWDM systems; 5) Extension of a previous analytical theory of four wave mixing in dispersion compensated IM-DD DWDM systems; 6) Generalisation of a previous analytical theory of stimulated Raman scattering in dispersion compensated IM-DD DWDM systems; 7) Development and application of a general analytical tool to recognise and minimise the limitations of nonlinear fibre effects in dispersion compensated DWDM systems with arbitrary parameters and high (tens) channel count.
Reference: POSC/EEA-CPS/56959/2004
Funding: FCT/POSC
Start Date: 01-04-2005
End Date: 31-12-2007
Team: Adolfo da Visitação Tregeira Cartaxo, Natasa Pavlovic, José Augusto Alves Vicente Passos Morgado, Daniel Diogo Trindade Fonseca, Pedro Charrua, Paulo Miguel Nepomuceno Pereira Monteiro, Jorge Castro
Groups: Optical Communication Systems and Networking – Lx
Partners: Instituto de Telecomunicações, pólo de Lisboa, Siemens S.A. Portugal
Local Coordinator: Adolfo da Visitação Tregeira Cartaxo
Associated Publications