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Empirical Evaluation of a Dynamic and Distributed Taxi-Sharing System

d´Orey, P. M. ; Fernandes, R. ; Ferreira, M.

Empirical Evaluation of a Dynamic and Distributed Taxi-Sharing System, Proc IEEE Conf. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Anchorage, United States, Vol. 1, pp. 140 - 146, September, 2012.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ITSC.2012.6338703

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Modern societies rely on efficient transportation systems for sustainable mobility. In this paper, we perform a large-scale and empirical evaluation of a dynamic and distributed taxi-sharing system. The novel system takes advantage of nowadays widespread availability of communication and computation to convey a cost-efficient, door-to-door and flexible system, offering a quality of service similar to traditional taxis. The shared taxi service is assessed in a real-city scenario using a highly realistic simulation platform. Simulation results have shown the system’s advantages for both passengers and taxi
drivers, and that trade-offs need to be considered. Compared with the current taxi operation model, results show a increase of 48% on the average occupancy per traveled kilometer with a full deployment of the taxi-sharing system.