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Performance Evaluation of LOADng Routing Protocol in IoT P2P and MP2P Applications

vasconcelos, J. S. ; Rodrigues, J. R. ; Saleem, K. S. ; Al-Muhtadi, J. M.

Performance Evaluation of LOADng Routing Protocol in IoT P2P and MP2P Applications, Proc International Multidisciplinary Conference on Computer and Energy Science 2016 SpliTech 2016, Split, Croatia, Vol. CD, pp. 1 - 6, July, 2016.

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This work presents a performance evaluation study of LOADng routing protocol in Internet of Things (IoT) applications. LOADng is a simplified light version of AODV developed taking into account the limited resources of IoT devices. Initially created in 2011, LOADng emerges as an alternative to the standard RPL protocol. The use of LOADng is justified once several studies has exposed the drawbacks of RPL in applications with multipoint-to-point (MP2P) and point-to-point (P2P) traffic, which are common in IoT environments. With the objective to measure the performance of LOADng in these kinds of traffic, in this work, the LOADng is studied in three network scenarios with divergent size that execute MP2P and P2P applications. The performance evaluation is based on simulation and three network metrics are considered: packet loss rate, spent energy per delivered bit, and end-to-end latency. The obtained results show that, considering the simulated scenarios and the analyzed metrics, the LOADng can have a good performance in small networks with MP2P traffic. However, with the growth of the network, the performance is decreased, mainly in P2P applications.