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Implications of non-Markovian quantum dynamics for the Landauer bound

Pezzutto, M. ; Paternostro, M. ; Omar, Y.

Implications of non-Markovian quantum dynamics for the Landauer bound, Proc Institut für Theoretische Physik Technische Universität Berlin WE-Heraeus Seminar: Non-Markovianity and Strong Coupling Effects in Thermodynamics, Bad Honnef, Germany, Vol. , pp. - , April, 2017.

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We study the dynamics of a spin-1/2 particle interacting with a multi-spin environment, modelling the corresponding open system dynamics through a collision-based model. The environmental particles are prepared in individual thermal states, and we investigate the effects of a distribution of temperatures across the spin environment on the evolution of the system, particularly how thermalisation in the long-time limit is affected. %We also address the conditions under which the system reaches a stationary state, with particular attention to whether homogenization to the average environmental state occurs. We study the phenomenology of the heat exchange between system and environment and consider the information-to-energy conversion process, induced by the system-environment interaction and embodied by the Landauer principle. Furthermore, by considering an interacting-particles environment, we tune the dynamics of the system from an explicit Markovian evolution up to a strongly non-Markovian one, investigating the connections between non-Markovianity, the establishment of system-environment correlations, and the breakdown of the validity of Landauer principle.