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Adaptive Physical-Layer Security through Punctured Coding for Secrecy

Carreira, M. ; Pinto, T. ; Gomes, M. ; Vilela, J.P. ; Harrison, W. K. Harrison

Adaptive Physical-Layer Security through Punctured Coding for Secrecy, Proc IEEE International Conference on Communications - ICC , Shanghai, China, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2019.

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We propose a coding methodology for physical layer security with adaptive characteristics, whereby adaptive we mean that the system must be tunable to different operational points/signal-to-noise ratio levels of both the legitimate receiver and the eavesdropper. Based on interleaving and scrambling as techniques that shuffle the original message before transmission, we consider puncturing over an interleaving/scrambling key and/or over the message as a mechanism to provide the required adaptability to channel conditions. The proposed techniques have shown suitable adaptability to different channel quality levels of the legitimate receiver and eavesdropper, while still guaranteeing the desired reliability for the legitimate receiver and secrecy against the eavesdropper.