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Logging Integrity with Blockchain Structures

Rosa, M. ; Barraca, J. P. ; Rocha, N.P.R.

Logging Integrity with Blockchain Structures, Proc World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies - WorldCist, Galicia, Spain, Vol. New Knowledge in Information Systems and Technologies, pp. - , March, 2019.

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In developed countries, it is frequent for family members do not have the time, knowledge, or live in a close distance of their senior loved ones, so that many institutions offer their services to provide a good quality of life of older adults. To enable distributed local support, there is the need of digital platforms to allow the exchange of information. These platforms need to create trustful environments and to guarantee the integrity of the information exchanged. In this paper, it is presented a solution for a Logging Service that was developed for the SOCIAL platform, based on FHIR, which aims to solve the interoperability and data integrity of the platform user’s activity logs.