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DOPPLER Project: Inspiring A New Generation in STEM

Anjo, A. ; Bispo, SA ; Bergano , MB ; Barbosa , D. ; Ribeiro, V.

DOPPLER Project: Inspiring A New Generation in STEM, Proc Springer International Conference on Robotics in Education (RiE) RiE 2020: Robotics in Education, Conference Online, Vol. 1316, pp. 106 - 111, January, 2021.

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DOPPLER is a funded project aimed to provide training in STEM for students and teachers, using robotics in non-formal education. In the Mozambican context, it also works as a lobby in order to accelerate important curricula changes that must be achieved, so that schools can put aside the theoretical approach they use and adopt new forms of teaching, practical and dynamic, suited to the needs of the future. Osuwela is one of the Mozambican partners in DOPLLER, who took as its mission the training in STEM, using robotics to help students acquire the necessary skills and teachers to be the leaders of the mandatory changes, so important for the country’s development.
Activities are set up so that students and teachers can integrate robotics with subjects such as math and physics. Teams of students must complete certain tasks and then go through a competition with other teams – as it has been claimed in some studies that competition is the most effective way to integrate different disciplines into one challenge. With DOPPLER project, Osuwela intends to inspire a whole generation of young people to work in robotics, engineering and other STEM jobs, fulfilling the country’s needs.