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Electromagnetic fields emitted by compact fluorescent lamps

Oliveira, Oliveira,C. ; Sebastião, D.S. ; Ladeira, D. ; Carpinteiro, G.C. ; Antunes, M.A. ; Correia, L. M. ; Fernandes, C. A.

Electromagnetic fields emitted by compact fluorescent lamps, Proc The Bioelectromagnetics Society - Annual Meeting - BEMS, Davos, Switzerland, Vol. ?, pp. ? - ?, June, 2009.

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EMF radiation measurements in the [0.1, 5] MHz band show that compact fluorescent lamps used every day in homes, workplaces, subways, shopping centres and so on, exhibit significant levels at low frequencies. For the two lamps under study, the significant levels are found in the [100, 800] kHz band. Additional measurements carried out in frequencies below 100 kHz enabled the identification of the frequency of operation of electronic ballasts. The two lamps under study were chosen with different powers, which allowed one to verify the relation between lamp power and radiated EMF levels. As expected, the analysis of results shows that, in the immediate vicinity of a lamp, EMF levels radiated by lighting devices depend on the lamp power. Finally, one can conclude that EMF levels from both lamps are in compliance with the EMF reference thresholds.