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Efficient Recovery Algorithm for Discrete Valued Sparse Signals using an ADMM Approach

Souto, N.S. ; Lopes, H.A.L.

IEEE Access Vol. 5, Nº -, pp. 19562 - 19569, September, 2017.

ISSN (print): 2169-3536
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Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ACCESS.2017.2754586

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Motivated by applications in wireless communications, in this paper we propose a reconstruction algorithm for sparse signals whose values are taken from a discrete set, using a limited number of noisy observations. Unlike conventional compressed sensing algorithms, the proposed approach incorporates knowledge of the discrete valued nature of the signal in the detection process. This is accomplished through the alternating direction method of the multipliers (ADMM) which is applied as a heuristic to decompose the associated maximum likelihood detection (MLD) problem in order to find candidate solutions with a low computational complexity order. Numerical results in different scenarios show that the proposed algorithm is capable of achieving very competitive recovery error rates when compared to other existing suboptimal approaches.