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Electromagnetic fields emitted by fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps

Oliveira, Oliveira,C. ; Sebastião, D.S. ; Ladeira, D. ; Carpinteiro, G.C. ; Antunes, M.A. ; Correia, L. M. ; Fernandes, C. A.

RadioProtecção Vol. II, Nº 14/15, pp. ? - ?, May, 2009.

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In the scope of the monIT Project, it was found that fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps are also important sources of radiation. More than increasing electromagnetic field (EMF) levels in a particular environment, the radiated EMFs from ballasts may cause interference in other devices. Two different lamps are analysed, both in terms of their radiated frequency spectrum and of their compliance with European EMF recommended exposure levels. As expected, the analysis of results shows that, in the immediate vicinity of a lamp, EMF levels radiated by lighting devices depend on the lamp power. Finally, one can conclude that EMFs radiated from both lamps are in compliance with the EMF reference levels.