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An Intercommunication Home Energy Management System with Appliance Recognition in Home Network

Lai, Y. L. ; Rodrigues, J. R. ; Huang, Y. H. ; Wang, H. W. ; Lai, C. L.

Mobile Networks and Applications Vol. 17, Nº 1, pp. 132 - 142, February, 2012.

ISSN (print): 1383-469X
ISSN (online): 1572-8153

Journal Impact Factor: 1,619 (in 2008)

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1007/s11036-011-0345-z

In present days there are wide varieties of household electric appliances along with different power consumption habits of consumers, making iden- tifying electric appliances without presetting difficulty. This paper introduces smart appliance management system to recognize electric appliances in home net- works, which uses sensing devices that measure current to calculate the power consumption of the appliances. The system will set the characteristics and categories of each electric appliance, and then uses the classifications of the electronic energy features in order to recognize different appliances. The system searches the cluster data while eliminating noise for recognition functionality and error detection mechanism or the electric appliances using the current clustering algorithm. Af- terwards the recognition are used to build a control list of appliances on the platform to provide appliance in- tercommunication. Simultaneously, the household ap- pliance automatic control services are integrated by the system to control appliances based on userspower consumption plans to realize a bidirectional monitoring services. In actual experiments, the proposed system achieves a recognition rate or 95% as well as success- fully controls general household electric appliances in home network.