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Service Augmented Resource Description Architecture

Barroso, D. M. ; Rocha, R.

Service Augmented Resource Description Architecture, Proc Conf. Nacional de Redes de Sensores - CNRS, Coimbra, Portugal, Vol. --, pp. 71 - 75, March, 2011.

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Wireless Sensor Networks are now more than a research field, and new applications are being developed for it on a daily basis. WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks) have an application specific nature, meaning that the application is developed for a specific target WSN. This approach generates rigid systems. Service discovery is a technique that enables pervasive resource discovery and helps to develop application independent sensor networks. These networks are more flexible while they maintain all the functionality of the previous envisioned solutions. This paper addresses a new approach based on a re- source/service discovery architecture. It is characterized by increasing the flexibility of the network, at the cost of requiring a larger RAM footprint and added overhead.