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Automatic Link Balancing Using Fuzzy Logic Control of Handover Parameter

d´Orey, P. M. ; Garcia-Lozano, M. ; Ferreira, M.

Automatic Link Balancing Using Fuzzy Logic Control of Handover Parameter, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Commun - PIMRC , Istambul, Turkey, Vol. ., pp. 2168 - 2173, September, 2010.

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Self-optimisation will enable future wireless networks to manage themselves in a continuous and independent
way. By dynamically adjusting relevant radio parameters during network operation a system that adapts to environmental changes can be created. This paper presents a novel selfoptimisation algorithm based on Fuzzy Logic Controlling. Taking into consideration measurements gathered from the network, the Fuzzy Logic Controller balances continuously the individual link gain and the network gain. Results have shown the feasibility of the proposed approach, superior improvements on network performance and a capacity increase of 23%. It is envisioned that self-optimisation will lead to significant reductions in capital and operational expenditures by maximizing the utilisation of the air interface.