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Enabling telecare assessment with pervasive sensing and Android OS smartphone

Postolache, O. ; Girão, P.M.

Enabling telecare assessment with pervasive sensing and Android OS smartphone, Proc IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and, Bari, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. 1 - 5, May, 2011.

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Measurements of vital signs and behavioral patterns
can be translated into accurate predictors of health risk, even at
an early stage, and can be combined with alarm-triggering
systems in order to initiate the appropriate actions.
The paper presents the design and implementation of a mobile
TeleCare system based on a smart wrist-worn device with a nonobtrusive
sensing module for cardiac, respiratory and motor
activity, a microcontroller platform for primary processing of the
data from the sensors and wireless communication using
Bluetooth protocol. Advanced data processing, data
management, human computing interfacing and data
communication are implemented using a smartphone running
Android operating system (OS). A Web based health TeleCare
information system was implemented being characterized by the
following functionalities: data synchronization with the
smartphone, advanced data processing and data presentation
assuring a comprehensive data analysis and evidence based
health management as well as for remote assistance of the
patients by doctors and nurses. Experimental results associated
with vital signs sensing and the software implementation are
included in the paper.